Robert Hedin is the author, translator and editor of nearly two dozen volumes of poetry and prose. He serves as the founding director of the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Born and raised in Red Wing, Minnesota, Hedin has lived in Alaska, Iowa, North Carolina and France. He returned to Red Wing in 1992 and has worked at the Anderson Center since 1993. Hedin resides in Frontenac, Minnesota, with his wife, Carolyn.

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"There isn't a flaw or misstep or a lack of humility on a single page. While this is one of the many services this poet has performed on behalf of poetry, it would be enough on its own to ensure him a place among the writers we will remember. I invite you to turn to just one page, to any page, and to let what's there wash over you with its beauty, its clarity, its precision, and its delicately balanced emotional weight."
-Ted Kooser